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星形の庭 / breath and breadth




Takashi Tsuda : Electric Guitar, field recording Kaori Hayashi : Accordion, field recording recorded and mixed vy Tadashi Tsuda at PNdB atelier between October 2017 and April 2018 field recording in Taiwan by Kaori Hayashi mastered by Hiromits Shoji at sara disc December 2018 drawing and art work by fuuyanm design neconotesha special thanks to all our friends and families 活版印刷によるパッケージ 1.grand guignol 03:40 2.cyan moment 04:57 3.winter bird, storm glass 05:24 4.snowflakes on the wind 02:57 5.breath and breadth 04:36 6.moonliight collection 05:45 7.kite 01:41 8.rain tree waltz 03:37 9.a friend in Kaosiung 05:00 10.porrtfolio 08:32